WhatsApp is now available on your desktop computer in 5 easy steps Via Chrome browser

WhatsApp is the instant messaging app that was only officially available for smartphones and tablets, is now available for use on a desktop PC, using your smartphone in sync. WhatsApp announced the launch of WhatsApp Web on Wednesday, marking the official debut of the popular messaging app on non-mobile platforms. Yes, you can now use WhatsApp from your PC now. All you need is a WhatsApp enabled smartphone, and a desktop PC, laptop or tablet with an internet connection.

First install the latest version of WhatsApp on your devise and activate it. If you already have WhatsApp installed, you can simply start using the desktop feature within a few minutes. But keep in mind the iPhone users won’t use this feature as yet.

WhatsApp on Desktop

1. Now go to the https://web.whatsapp.com/ in your Google Chrome as the computer based WhatsApp currently works only in the Chrome browser.

2. Now you will see a QR code given by whatsApp that you need to scan with your device to log in to your WhatsApp Account.


3. To scan the code, go to WhatsApp and look for WhatsApp Web. Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia users can find “WhatsApp Web” in Menu of WhatsApp, while BlackBerry 10 users need to swipe down from top of the app screen to go to “WhatsApp Web”. Tap on it and scan the QR code opened on your computer.

4. Once scanned, your desktop browser and smartphone will be synced and all your messages and contacts can be seen on the browser.

5. Now You can start a chat with your friends from your computer.

Note : Keep in mind the your phone should be stay connected to the Internet for WhatsApp to work on your desktop.


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