Vine APP allows 720p high quality videos on iOS

Vine Short-video sharing app has begun rolling out support for 720p high-definition videos on iOS operating system and will soon be available on Android as well. Vine said it has been working on technical upgrades that support Vines in higher quality bumping the resolution of each video up from 480p to 720p. However, the videos will appear somewhat compressed so they can be quickly loaded to mobiles.

vine 720pIf you are a iOS users, the Vine app lets you to create and upload videos in the new high quality format, but the higher video quality support will be rolled out to Android users over the ‘coming days’. Users will also be able to see higher quality Vines embedded in sites across the web.

Higher quality uploads should be available on iPhones now and will be rolling out to Android devices soon says Kaplinsky. The Twitter-owned service launched in late 2012 and says there are now 1.5 billion looped Vines played across its network every day.

Vine app for Android and iOS can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Play store, respectively.

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