WhatsApp Introduced Video Calling Feature For Beta Users


WhatsApp’s video-calling feature is now usable on a beta version of the app v2.16.80 for Android devices. The new update available only for users who have signed up to WhatsApp’s beta program shows a changelog with the usual bug fixes, but also the addition of the much-awaited video calling feature.

The new WhatsApp beta app gives access to video-calling function from the call icon. However, the feature seems to be in testing mode at present as beta users are also seeing the feature being switched on, and off, frequently. Similar to when voice calling was enabled, video calling can be seen enabled when the servers on the WhatsApp end are working for the test phase.

Whatsapp Video calling

Click to place a usual VoIP WhatsApp call now opens a dialogue box with two options “Audio call” and “Video call” instead of simply calling the contact using data connectivity.

The changelog clearly mentions, “You get the option to make video calls, that’s not activated yet but soon would be available for everyone to make video calls.”

WhatsApp’s video calling feature has been anticipated for quite sometime now and now after launches it wolud give tough competition to messaging rivals. The video calling feature is currently available on Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, KakaoTalk, Viber and Skype.

Recently WhatsApp has updated the company’s web app called WhatApp Web. WhatsApp has also added new features like end-to-end encryption, document sharing and more.