Yahoo Mail blocking Users Who use ad block enabled

Yahoo is eventually preventing its users with ad blockers installed on their computers from accessing their email accounts.

Yahoo is taking a stand against people who use ad blockers in their web browsers by testing a feature that locks out Yahoo Mail users from accessing their accounts. A Yahoo representative has confirmed that some sort of testing is being conducted with a small set of U.S. users.

The Yahoo Mail URL displays a “reason=ADBLK_TRAP” message, making it less like an isolated case. According to the forum posts when users attempt to access Yahoo Mail they’re instead greeted by an error message: “Uh oh… We are unable to display Yahoo Mail. Please disable Ad Blocker to continue using Yahoo Mail.” That message was shown to users on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Yahoo Mail’s move to stop email access to those users who use ad-blocking, is apparently an action taken by the Yahoo to safeguard its declining advertising revenue from the free email service. Yahoo has than stated that the blocking issue was just a test in an effort to develop “new product experiences”, therefore, only some could experience being locked out of their mail.

Meanwhile those users may be able to circumvent the blocking by opening Yahoo Mail in a different browser by going to Settings Viewing Mail, changing the view from “Full Featured” to “Basic”, and then re-opening Yahoo Mail in the main browser.