AlienVault Collaborates with Intel Security to Expand Enterprise Threat Intelligence Sharing


AlienVault today announced a collaboration with Intel Security, to share real-time, actionable threat data between the companies. Under the new agreement, Intel Security will integrate AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX), which now supports more than 26,000 participants in over 140 countries contributing more than 1 million threat indicators daily.

The Intel Security GTI cloud is one of the most active and robust security clouds in the cybersphere and actively provides protection on an hourly basis to over 6 million customers in over 150 different countries across all types and sizes of customer deployments. Intel Security research shows that in 2014, more than 307 cyber threats were detected every minute, and malware surged by 76% year over year. Coupled with the unprecedented series of cyber attacks and data breaches in 2014 alone, the increasingly complex threat landscape highlights the need for more robust cyber-security measures within enterprise customer deployments and more collaborative sharing of threat data.

David Coffey, vice president for GTI, McAfee Labs, part of Intel Security says “Intel Security is committed to industry collaborations which will help provide critical threat intelligence and better protection to our customers. Working with AlienVault will enable us to exchange threat data and enhance the level of customer protection delivered via McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence system.”

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned from recent cyber attacks, it’s that no industry or organization is immune,” said Barmak Meftah, president and CEO of AlienVault. “Our goal for OTX is to move the needle on how threat intelligence data is shared, making it more collaborative and engaging in order to build a stronger security community working in unison to stop cyber attacks. We are pleased to partner with Intel Security to further help organizations detect and defend themselves from malicious and sophisticated attacks.”

The diversity, analysis and quality of AlienVault OTX make it one of the industry’s most robust, open, crowd-sourced threat intelligence sharing systems, with threat data sourced from private partnerships and public sources worldwide and a proven algorithm that helps validate sources and threats. Unlike invitation-only threat sharing networks, OTX provides real-time actionable information to all who want to participate.