Twitter To Launch New Facebook Style Timeline in 23 countries Next Week

Twitter is planning to launch a new Facebook style algorithmic timeline in 23 countries. It is believed that Twitter could introduce it next week in an attempt to bring the micro-blogging site to more people across the globe.

The new timeline is a way for Twitter to elevate popular content, make content accessible for everyone even if they are not signed in, and feed people what they want to see and discuss most.

Twitter product manager Paul Lambert said: “Before today before you were able to see individual tweets, but Twitter negotiations without signing or news was hard to find. Now you can learn more new news. ” The new timeline of Twitter Elgorithamik want to see what most people think of it, in order to bring on the tweet.

“It’s real-time and straight from the source, just like the Twitter experience for those who log in,” he added.

The home timeline will be rolled out to 23 countries including India. Twitter is also planning to expand a refreshed homepage, which is already available in the US and Japan to 23 other countries.