Delhi Police issued notice to Flipkart over sale of stolen mobiles in India

E-commerce site giant Flipkart in India has been noticed to cooperate with an investigation of what the Delhi Police say of involving the theft of imported mobile devices from airline cargo.

Six persons have been arrested for the theft of a consignment of 600 high-end mobile devices said to be worth of near Rs 1 crore (10 Million) from the cargo hub of the Delhi airport in July.

The arrested persons were identified as Raju Singh, Sunil Jain, Gaurav Mittal, Jitender Girotra, Harender Singh and Ravi.

According to police around 200 mobile phones were later allegedly sold to customers across county through e-commerce site Flipkart and About 209 stolen mobile phones worth around Rs. 40 lakh (4 Million) were recovered from the arrested gang.

Police said they received a complaint from SVS Logistics company that 600 of their shipment of 1500 HTC mobile phones shipped from Hong Kong were stolen on 11th, July. The shipment was to be delivered to NPS Telecom Private Limited in Okhla.

The police said the devices had smuggled out allegedly with the help of cargo personnel and then sold to customers through a Flipkart agent based in Rajasthan.

The buyers were traced from across India including cities of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mysore, Bengaluru and Chandigarh.

The Delhi police have now sent a notice to Flipkart asking how these mobile phones were sold to customers without verification of where they were came from.

Flipkart spokesperson saying, “Flipkart is a digital marketplace that helps sellers to connect with customers across the country. All our 40,000+ sellers are mandated to adhere to stringent guidelines. Any exception to, or violation of this code of conduct is taken very seriously. We enforce a strict policy of zero tolerance against unscrupulous sellers who sell products that are fake, stolen, or in violation of any applicable law of the land.”

Kumar said “We have served notices to Flipkart to obtain the requisite information because all the phones tracked so far seemed to be purchased by customers of Flipkart. We have not served notices on any other e-shopping site. We will also ask all Flipkart customers using the stolen phones to return them and the money will be likewise refunded by Flipkart.”