Facebook To Launch Standalone Camera App With Live Video Streaming

Camera App With Live Video Streaming

Facebook is working on developing a new standalone camera app with live video streaming, offerings that the company hopes will encourage increased sharing of photos and videos according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

UK based Facebook team in London is working on the app and wants to supplement the main Facebook app by creating content, rather than just viewing it. The app is being developed by Facebook’s “friend-sharing” team in London.

Facebook is also planning to add a feature that allows a user to record video through the app to begin live streaming.

Company brought video search to its platform and also started showing Live videos in Trending topics earlier this month. Facebook’s mobile app now features a video search engine in the Live video section where users can search for both Live videos and other videos via keywords. Users will also be able to browse channels too.

Facebook last month unveiled its new product updates and upcoming projects at its F8 developer conference. For part of its presentation, the company talked up its new Facebook Live platform and plans to expand the rapidly growing live video component of Facebook by promoting it more to users across its various properties.

That service could possibly tie-in to any live streaming video features the company might offer in the new standalone camera app reportedly in development. For Facebook Live, the company has a new API allowing app developers to build on the platform starting with popular drone maker DJI as the launch partner.

Company says that it is hoping that more people start creating and sharing Live videos, in turn making Trending topics an “even better experience”.

Facebook has been behind a big app push over the past few years, collecting Instagram and launching several niche apps like Pages, Groups and Moments as a way of testing new feature to see what sticks with its 1.6 billion users.