Facebook Introduced New features video content look around 360 degrees

Facebook on Wednesday has introduced a 360-degree video feature or spherical face book movie content in its newsfeed allowing users to change their  watch video content in a different perspective in specially created videos.

But Facebook is launching a function of looking around, being only desktop and Android systems can be used to watch. But Apple’s operating system iOS will be able to see within a few months, Facebook said.

Video engineering director Maher Saba said in a blog post “We’ve seen that people enjoy more immersive content in their News Feeds. We’re excited to take it a step further with 360-degree video.”

Publishers sharing 360-degree video at launch included Vice, GoPro, Discovery, Saturday Night Live and a LeBron James clip according to Facebook.

Synched rings cameras are used to capture video in a way that lets viewers virtually look around as if they are in the middle of a scene.

In desktop PC is used to pull the mouse cursor change perspective and for mobile devices users simply tilting the phone or move their finger across the screen to adjust the angle.

Facebook is not the first company to launch a 360-degree video features, A leading video site YouTube in March had launch this feature.

The 360-degree-videos will be available for private users and as a new advertising feature for companies.

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