Bluetooth Promises Improvement Four Times The Range, Twice The Speed And Mesh Networking in 2016

The Bluetooth has promised to improvement capability in devices is set to get a 100 percent speed boost and better range in 2016.

Bluetooth has been included in a wide range of commonly used devices from the smallest wearable objects IoT, via smartphones, tablets, TVs, PCs and many other devices.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SGI) is betting that the audience will grow with smart objects and the Internet of Things coming into play. A connected lifestyle will require a more versatile connection standard, especially with communication between fast-moving objects such as cars or inventory conveyor belts. The organisation which oversees development of the connectivity standard said that thanks to the advancements in the chip technology which will increase the functionality of its Bluetooth Smart standard in the second half of next year.

The Bluetooth Smart range will be increased by up to four times and may going up from current 50 metres limit to up to 200 meters. Organisation also said that data speeds will be doubled to 2Mbps from 1Mbps without making any compromise on energy consumption.

Bluetooth SIG is also working on mesh networking technology which will device work together to cover much larger areas. This could be a whole office building or outdoor network belong. Since Bluetooth technology is a big part of modern electronics devices, these improvements will be welcomed and should open up some doors to interesting new smart connected products.