Xiaomi Plans To Launch Curved-Edge Display Smartphone Next Year


Xiaomi has launched a lot of great smartphones with affordable prices to their customer this year and it does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

To further emphasis its device offering, the company has been working on a device with curved display.

When people think smartphones with curved displays, the device first comes in mind are the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge how these two devices were very appealing to users. Now other smartphone manufacturers also decided to work on devices with curved screens.

According to a new report, Lei Jun, CEO of the company confirmed that the company is working on such a device after numerous rumors started doing rounds on social networks.

Previous rumors said that Xiaomi would be launching a new device with a curved display, dubbed Mi Edge or Mi Note Edge. While the rumors indicated that the device might hit stores as early as September next year, the CEO’s statement has put those gossips to rest.

The company has plans to utilize LG’s curved display panel on the upcoming device and the handset is expected to come in a metal-clad body.

The device is speculated to come with a Snapdragon 823 and 6GB RAM and expect it to come along with a 13MP or 16MP primary camera.