Sharp to sell first world’s first 85inch 8K TV next month for 16 million yen

Electronics company Sharp is going to release the world’s first commercially available 85inch 8K Television in October with price for 16 million yen (approx $133,000). Sharp says the IGZO panel’s contrast ratio is 100,000:1 with viewing angles of 176 degrees. It’ll be available to business customers from 31st, October 31st.

Although several other companies have already developed Ultra HD resolution test models, this is the first such TV to be made commercially available.

The technology can create images so clear they almost appear 3D with the 8K format provides 16 times as many pixels as 1080p high definition.

Abhi Mallick from IHS Technology says ‘We’re not expecting 8K TVs targeted at consumers to be released until at least 2016, and we don’t expect they will cross one million units until after 2019’

To watch 8K video users need to plug into all four HDMI inputs at the same time to create enough bandwidth.

Japan’s NHK is the only broadcaster so far to announce plans to create and broadcast 8K content. NHK streamed live 8K footage last year’s World Cup in Brazil and intends to begin public tests of the format over satellite in 2016. According to report corporation plans to show all of Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games in 8K and begin regular broadcasts in super hi-vision resolution the same year.

Company says the product could be used in hospitals to provide keyhole surgeons with better imagery.

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