one2TOUCH NFC Keyboard for Smartphone Never Needs to be Recharged

one2TOUCH introducing the world’s first integrated NFC keyboard. The Flipcover Keyboard Series has a dual functionality as it works as a keyboard and a protective cover for the screen and the phone itself.

With a flexible and customized setup, one2TOUCH provide device specific (F2 and F3) keyboards as well as keyboards adjusted for certain screen size intervals (F1). one2TOUCH is working with different colours and materials for the back cover such as aluminium and hard plastic, depending on the keyboard model.

one2TOUCH’s Flipcover doesn’t include a battery and never has to be charged. It connects to your smartphone using NFC and will be able to draw ambient power thus powering itself and ensuring that users will never need to recharge it ever.

The one2TOUCH Flipcover has yet to be released in the market, are currently signing up with distribution partners, who will take their products to the marketplace. Currently one2TOUCH has a distribution partner for Japan and is also looking for partners in the USA and European countries.

Price of one2TOUCH NFC Smartphone Keyboard is not revealed yet.

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