LG to showcase its paper-thin, rollable OLED panel at CES 2016 Event

Back In 2014, LG announced that it would built an 18-inch OLED panel that rolls up just like a newspaper. Now, LG is ready to showcase company’s ultra-thin OLED Panel to the public at CES 2016 event.

When LG first announced in 2014, company said the rollable OLED panel was only 3 cm across and featured a 1,200 by 810 pixel resolution. It’s unclear if anything has changed over the years. The rollable design of the display will make it ultra portable.

LG will also showcase a 55-inch design concept of OLED TV display which is as thin as a paper and it does not include circuits. The company will also be revealing its “Art Slim” and “Borderless” technology in the form of 65-inch UHD TV which promises to reduce power consumption up to 35%.

LG is also making a automotive displays with a new 25-inch “waterfall” curved LCD for interiors and a 10.3-inch “Advanced In-Cell Touch” LCD for drivers which can be operated with gloves on.