LG G4 (F500L,F500K,F500S) Leaked documents points confirmed to have QHD 2K display

There were a rumors about the LG G4 claims to either featured with a 2K QHD display (1,440 x 2,560 pixels) or a 3K display (1,620 x 2880 pixels). According to source, the LG G4 will only have a 2K QHD display not a 3K display. The new report on the upcoming smartphone comes from an XML file document that was taken right out of Android Lollipop.

In the document lists the LG F500 as “G4 (QHD).” It device also said to has three versions (S, K and L), which are believed to be the three major carriers in South Korea. The LG G3 is F400 with the same three versions.

LG G4 douc

LG G4 doc

Moreover, an unknown device “LG F540” was listed as “C90(HD)” will have an HD screen. It’s not clear what this is, it could be the successor of the LG L90 smart phone.

The LG G Flex 2 (F510L/K/S) was also mentioned in the System Dump file, it was listed as “Z2(FHD)”.

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