Haier Showcased Innovative products at CES 2016 Event

Haier Showcased

Haier showcased its latest and state-of-the art products in the on-going CES in Las Vegas. Inspired by contemporary lifestyle Haier’s focus remains on providing wholesome solutions for modern living. Haier demonstrated its latest TVs like Roku-enabled HD TVs, 4K technology, Smart Android TVs, curved TVs and the wine cellar with a new alternative cooling system.

Augmenting the product line-up in television category Haier showcased some impressive range of displays with innovative and smart technology at the CES. Some of the products included a remarkable 65” curved UHD LED TV, a variety of Android based smart TV’s and multiple 4K Ultra HD TVs ranging up to 85”. Also on display was Haier’s 105” LED Curved TV which boasts a resolution of more than 5K pixels to enhance the viewing experience.

Introductions in the category also comprised of the Q9700 and the H9600 Music TV Series. It further creates an immersive entertainment experience bringing together the best of sound and vision all in one. The LED market in India has experienced a robust growth over a period of time, sales from online as well as offline retailers has increased rapidly. Taking into consideration these facts Haier has introduced these TV’s with latest technology keeping the high demand of TV’s in the Indian market in mind.

Focusing big on Roku technology, which provides the simplest way to stream entertainment on your TV Roku TV models were also revealed by Haier. The specifications of Roku Tvs combines Haier’s picture quality and bezel designs with the simple and easy-to-use streaming experience that gives consumers access to nearly 2,000 streaming channels.

It is considered to be the largest lineup of streaming channels available on a smart TV. It also features in-built sound chamber for enriched sound-quality and are available in sizes ranging from 32 to 55 inches.

To elevate the living experience and complement the contemporary lifestyle Haier also demonstrated a wine cellar using a new alternative cooling system. It has developed the next step in wine cooling systems by using a solid-state chip, coupled with H20/C02 heat exchange technology, which helps preserve the wine in the right temperature, so that the taste of the wine remains intact.

The wine cellar consist of features such as No Vibration and Precise temperature Control. These features helps maintain the quality and taste of your precious wine. It also comes equipped with a feature called Low Noise, by which the product creates lesser noise in standard mode. Designed with premium aesthetic sense, the new wine cellar with state of the art design, complements the decor of a modern home.

Haier believes in innovating with time and adapting the latest technologies to provide consumers with superior experience. Smart products in all categories have been introduced keeping the Indian market in mind to provide elevated lifestyle experiences to the Indian consumers.