Haier Launched Revolutionary CODO-World’s First Pocket Washing Machine In India For Rs. 3990

pocket washing machine

Haier has achieved yet another path-breaking milestone with the launch of world’s smallest pocket washing machine “Haier CODO” in India. Haier CODO is weighing just 200 gms, the handy washer is an ideal everyday companion for users to carry with them and not worry about getting embarrassing stains on the move or while eating. CODO is the world’ smallest washing machine and is all set to enter the prestigious Guinness Book of World records.

The meticulous design of the new hand-held CODO washing machine is a testimony to Haier’s customer inspired innovation story. It’s portable design lets users carry it on the go to take care of anything from dirt outdoors to dreaded red wine stains in a party. It is the perfect solution for mid-meal emergencies with its capability to remove embarrassing stains of tea/coffee, ketchup, or curry/pickle, at office lunch hours or on the go. It precisely cleans the stains, in no time and saves the embarrassment of wearing stained clothes. The newly designed Haier CODO is equivalent to size of an electric shaver or a deodorant bottle and weighs just 200gm, thus making it convenient to carry in your purse, laptop-bag, brief-case, pocket or your car.

Mr. Eric Braganza, President Haier India said, “The launch of Haier CODO in India is a testament of our commitment to our Indian customers and bring forth the latest product innovations that complement their evolving lifestyles. As life gets faster with more people on-the-go, it becomes imperative to have solutions which come in handy and makes their lives easier”. He further added, “We’re elated to bring CODO to India as it helps in further strengthening our brand promise of ‘Inspired Living’.”

With ‘Squeeze-Wash’ technology, Haier CODO becomes the fast washer that removes stains in just 30 to 120 seconds. ‘Squeeze-wash technology’ is convenient and uses any liquid detergent, 10 ml of water, to gently whisk the stained area, cleaning it effectively, and with utmost ease. It operates at the rate of 700 beats/minute, thus enabling effective and rapid stain removal. CODO’s appropriate use comes in situations when you stain just a small portion on your clothes, which doesn’t require washing the entire garment but just the stained or partial area. This pocket washer operates on three AAA batteries, and can support upto 50 washes, depending on the usage, with the fully charged batteries and comes with a warranty of 6 months.

CODO will be launched online on 26th July and will be available exclusively on snapdeal.com at price of Rs. 3,990 (Approx $60 USD).