HTC making new flagship Smartphone HTC Aero launching in fourth Quarter 2015

HTC is reportedly preparing HTC’s latest handset dubbed Aero.

This smartphone rumors will be launched approximately October this year.

HTC has confirmed that sales of the HTC One M9 have been very disappointing, HTC CEO and chairwoman Cher Wang, recently mention of a new “hero product” will launch in the smartphone segment at toward the end of the year.

She did not say any other things about new smartphone buy it’s possible that she was referring to the “Aero”.

At this moment Aero is believed a code name for new device the final product may be announced with different name.

There are no technical details available about HTC Aero, But rumors indicate that HTC Aero will run on Android M and is featuring quad-HD display resolution 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Also HTC Aero will use a more powerful processor and a battery with a large capacity than HTC One M9.


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