Google making holographic display for Google Glass

We all know that Google is making a next generation of Glass which will be more efficient with better WiFi radio emitter for higher bandwidth, larger screens and also more rechargeable battery.

Google Glass project also known as “Project Aura” is not very immersive device to use as it based on old technology and users still looking at flat pictures superimposed on a 3D world.

Google is planning to develop a hologram display for Glass according to recent report. In future people might able to see some added depth though Google has filed for a patent on a “head wearable display” that would show holograms.

Just like Microsoft’s HoloLens Google wants to develop a device that would create an augmented reality experience including a wider field of view a more efficient and easier-to-wear headset. However, It’s not clear how a Google Glass hologram device might be used.