Gionee Super Battery Life M5 Can Last Up To 4 Days

Gionee Life M5

Gionee M5 employs twin cells battery, with battery capacity up to 6,020 mAh, which lays the foundation for “super battery life”. In the meanwhile, it features a 5.5-in Super AMOLED Plus screen with a contrast ratio of 30,000+.

Its body is only 8.5mm at the thickest with edge thickness at 4.75mm. Such a perfect design satisfies both the needs for battery life and the needs for chic industrial design. Besides, Gionee M5 is also equipped with 5MP front camera and 13MP main camera and a built-in 64-bit processor that embraces all networks, fully compatible with 2G, 3G, 4G networks of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, capable of dual card dual standby function, can meet the needs of consumers of the major operators that have battery life requirements.

Excelling in both software and hardware, Gionee M5 realizes super battery life in one-stop shopping

In order to resolve the No. 1 pain spot of smart phone users battery life, Gionee has conducted long, in-depth research into the requirements of consumers and comes up with seven key factors. It addresses the problem from the three perspectives, super big batter, super fast charging and super low power dissipation, and realizes one-stop solution to super battery life.

As is well known, the first key step in enhancing battery life is to expand battery capacity. Gionee M5 merges two batteries creatively into a single mobile phone, adopted twin cells battery with capacity of 6020mAh. The super big battery capacity can afford user up to four day charge-free use with one charge.

Compared to the defect of single cell batter the bigger the capacity the more dangerous the battery, Gionee M5 adopts dual-cell mode, which can both guarantee battery safety and super long battery life, and also materially solves the problem of “twice charge a day” which hampers users.

In the process of exploring mobile phone battery life capability, many brands come across pretty tough technical difficulty. Gionee finds that, when it comes to enhancing batter capacity, stacking volume over obsolete technology is not the way out, the key lies in tacking battery materials. Therefore, Gionee M5 introduces the batter cell from the top supplier for polymer lithium ion battery globally; tests show, at the extreme power saving mode, 5% of batter capacity may last as long as 62 hours.

Of course, if one wants to enhance user experience, powerful R&D strength is a must. Besides hardware application, in the respect of software, Gionee also realizes smart power dissipation management through software, it can optimize the power consumption of main applications and main devices, and developed synchronous heartbeat technology, smart green backstage etc. on its own so as to reduce the wake-up time of the system. In addition, Gionee M5 also employs the Power + Battery Life System incorporated in Gionee S7 published in Barcelona at the beginning of this year, when the preset “extreme power saving mode” is turned on, the screen is adjusted to black and white theme, all other applications other than phone call, message, contact list and clock are frozen, a mode so power as the extreme power saving mode can effectively maximize battery life of the phone.

Fast charge and reverse charge, Gionee M5 can meet up to N power requirements

What makes superior and ultimate fast charge? Gionee M5 can inform you, five-minute charge can bring you up to 2.5h call time, a veritable “fast charge”. This “better than best” express experience mainly benefits from the dual charge chip incorporated in Gionee M5. This chip can not only regulate charging current, prevent overheating etc. dangerous phenomena in the charging process of the battery, it can also satisfy unexpected mobile phone power requirement in everyday life of the user, bring about fast and secure charge.

In addition to fast charge, Gionee M5 also pushes the reverse charge function to the extreme. The “reverse charge” function it features can supply the electricity it stores in the mobile phone to other electronic devices of the user through reverse the USB interfaces. This means, when you are away from home, when electronic devices such as iPad or Kindle issue power low alerts, M5 can serve as a power output center, come to the rescue of other pals by powering up them with a data cable. Besides, Gionee M5 can also charge two electronic devices at the same time, which is like a super warrior, the huge energy storage capacity enables it to output energy through multiple outlets.

In the era of simultaneous use of multiple digital devices, the functions of fast charge and reverse charge can not only “rescue” those devices dangling on zero power level, but ensure the sustained use of the device, bring truly convenient experience to the user.

Think what you think, Gionee M5 sets its eyes on detail perfection as always

Although with a super big capacity dual cell battery installed, Gionee M5 still features as slim a figure, the body thickness measures 8.5mm at the thickest, with edge thickness of 4.75mm. In the front, a 5.5-in Super AMOLED plus screen is installed, which brings about excellent screen visual experience to users, whereas 16 million hues and a contrast ratio of 30,000+ can both guarantee sharp color effect and bring out the fine texture. Super wide visual angle is realized through the 1.15mm super thin rim, which brings the screen ratio up to 78%, creating a vivid screen experience. Besides, Gionee M5 also adopts the third generation Corning Gorilla Glass, capable of withstanding inevitable bumps in life as much as possible.

Following the continued focus of Gionee on camera function, Gionee M5 is also equipped with 5M pixel front camera and 13M back camera. With centered ALPS motor, coupled with PDAF technology, focusing speed is greatly enhanced while power dissipation is lowered at the same time. Of which, the 5P back lens, 2.0 high F-number and 0.25 second focusing speed afford users more advantages when shooting low light environment.

In addition to photo-taking function, Gionee M5 also brings users the unbroken enjoyment of HI-FI. Gionee M5 adopts embedded hermetic cavity design, independent large-aperture drivers, five high energy level magnetic steel to form composite magnetic circuit, generating a strong magnetic force, 0.4mm large linear dynamic amplitude together with NXP TFA9890 intelligent amplifier bring perfect audio performance.

As a mobile phone embracing all networks, Gionee M5 is highly anticipated, fully compatible with 2G / 3G / 4G networks of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. It is also equipped with dual card dual standby function, supporting 128GB extension memory card, and there are also gentleman black, honorable white and glory gold etc. three colors at your choice.

As the first star product of Gionee M series, Gionee M5 redefines the super battery life category for the industry, with its powerful battery life, dual card and dual standby 4G across-the-networks capability as well as fashionable shape of super slim metallic body etc. features, Gionee super battery life made its debut a success, perfectly illustrates the brand philosophy Gionee has been adhered to, we look forward to more conveniences the Gionee M5 super battery life mobile phone brings to user experience.