BlackBerry Black & Gold Limited Edition Passport Releases, Price $899 USD

BlackBerry has announced the release of a BlackBerry Passport black and gold limited edition  smartphone, and each pone will come numbered and will feature a special cover. Blackberry passport black and gold whose manufacturing numbers will be limited to 50, integrates a chic style. A gold material which has a specific production number engraved into it, further highlights the original’s unique form factor, beauty and its productivity within.

Apart of no official announcement yet by Company, The limited edition gold BlackBerry Passport is available to buy direct from BlackBerry, it looks like it is only available in the US and and Canada at the moment. But if you try to purchase it, you’ll get an message “out of stock and unavailable”.

BlackBerry Black & Gold Limited Edition Passport frontBlackBerry Black & Gold Limited Edition Passport back

BlackBerry limited edition run of 50 black-and-gold Passports running $999 CAD approx. $899 USD. Each device will have its own production number, BlackBerry says, as well as the words “Limited Edition” engraved into it.

If you want to buy black and gold Passport, keep visiting BlackBerry’s online store over the coming days and weeks.

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