iPhone 7 Plus Schematic Shows Dual-lens Camera & Smart Connector And headphone jack

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s upcoming smartphone probably called iPhone 7, Rumors says that Apple would ditch the headphone jack in news smart phone with this fall’s iPhone update have been around for a while now, but Japanese magazine Mac Fan today has shared detailed design schematics of the purported iPhone 7 ‘Pro.’

According to the magazine, the device will feature the same overall size as the iPhone 6s Plus, but is expected to ditch the headphone jack. However rear camera cut out at the back panel is seen to be wider than on the iPhone 6s Plus this maybe to place the rumored dual iSight camera setup there.

iPhone 7 Plus Schematic

Prior rumors claimed that Apple would get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of a thinner design, but now this report claims that Apple will keep the same dimensions for headphone jack in upcoming device. It claimed that iPhone 7 ‘Pro’ will come in at 7.3mm thick, which is the exact same as the iPhone 6s Plus and thicker than the iPhone 6 Plus, which was 7.1mm thick.

On the back, toward the bottom of the device, the handset is also shown to feature a Smart Connector port. This could also result in better battery cases and docks and given the apparent ‘Pro’ moniker.

The design seen in the image is identical to the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 6s Plus. The front-panel and the side buttons of the device stays the same in terms of design. There is no cut out seen for the 3.5mm headphone jack further cementing the rumors that Apple might finally ditch the port in favour of the USB Type-C.


The Japaneses schematics shown in the image are also identical to a purported “iPhone 7” casing which was leaked online last month. It shows a dual-camera design that some have said bears similarities to the character Bender from the cartoon Futurama.