Amazon to launch new 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet soon

Amazon was in news from early this month that Amazon is working on a $50 tablet also Amazon is planning to release a 6-inch Kindle Fire tablet later this year. The report also says that there could be also 8-inch and 10-inch variants of the new Fire tablet and now trusted @evleaks has just posted a images on his twitter account that showcases an upcoming 10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire tablet that looks a more sleeker than the Amazon’s previous variants.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets seem to run on a Fire OS and builds it from the free open source version of Android that looks and feels very familiar to Android, but it dose not allow the Google Play Store and Google Now.

There is no information available about release date, price or specifications for the 10-inch tablet, but rumors says that 10-inch model would be priced higher than the $399.

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